We are sister team Susan Riojas and Jacqueline Kerns.

Our motto is: Stay Home and Make Something.This pretty much describes the majority of the content on our site. Our mom was an art teacher, and we grew up making a lot of random crafts and art projects for fun. In many ways, it feels like we didn’t really grow out of this! Today, we’re a small team of creatives sharing ideas and inspiration with our readers every day.

We’re a team of do-ers.

You can see our full-time team and talented contributors below. We aim to not only write great content ourselves, but to bring you awesome content from other talented folks as too.

We started blogging as a way to support our local boutique and bakery, in southwest Chicago. But along the way we realized we loved sharing recipes, craft tutorials and home decor that we made blogging our focus.

We’ve also written three books on: photography, DIY, and a cookbook!

We hope you find some content to inspire you to make something. And remember— life is better when it’s a little bit messy.