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Facial Massage Mistakes

Facial massage can be a wonderful way to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, but it is important to remember that the wrong technique or usage of incorrect products could do more harm than good. If you’re considering doing some self-facial massages, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid to achieve the maximum results with minimal damage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common facial massage mistakes and provide tips on how you can prevent them.

Mistake 1: pulling muscles

Our muscles are connected on both sides. We should not stretch them because they are thin, and it could cause problems. Special facial muscles attach to our skull on one side, and the other attaches to our skin or mucous membrane. It helps us move our faces to make different expressions like smiling or winking. Sometimes the problem is not just in the muscles but also where they attach. They can be too weak or too strong. When we pull our skin and muscles, it can stretch the attachments if we move wrong. It makes our face look saggy because the muscles no longer have enough elasticity to return to normal. If we pull our skin too much, it will make it bad quality.

Mistake 2: fear of touching the skin

Some people are scared to touch their skin. But our skin is very stretchy, and it’s okay to touch it. Nothing will happen if you don’t press hard enough during a massage.

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Your hands are the best tool for massage. You can control how much pressure to use better than with a massager. The warmth from your hands helps the muscles in your face relax more, and creams and oils rub in better. Remember to wash your hands before you massage so you don’t get germs on your skin that could irritate you. You can use a gouache scraper if you are scared. Do not rub it on dry skin. Use cream or oil that is good for your skin type first. Start by rubbing your neck and chest, not your face. Hold the skin, so it does not stretch out.

Mistake 3: insufficient attention to the self-massage technique

If you don’t follow the technique correctly, it can cause new wrinkles and hurt your muscles. You may even get bruises. When trying to fix one problem, using too much force on other nearby muscles is easy. However, it can create new wrinkles that won’t be seen right away. For example, squinting your eyes while working on the zygomatic muscles can give you crow’s feet wrinkles. So look in the mirror when doing this first, so you don’t do too much.

In conclusion, self-facial massage can be a great way to help keep your skin healthy and youthful. With the right techniques and products, you can achieve great results without causing any damage. However, it is important to remember these common mistakes so that you don’t cause more harm than good.