Love the smell of your favorite perfume, but not sure where to wear it? Or perhaps you’ve heard a lot about scent dress codes and want to know more. Whatever your reasoning may be, this blog post is here to help! Here I’ll discuss why having a fragrance dress code is important, how each type of occasion calls for different notes and aromas, and things to consider when selecting the perfect scent. So come with me on this fragrant journey – get ready to learn about the main rules of the perfume dress code!

fragrance is expired

No one wants to part with their favorite perfume or cologne, but how do you know when it’s time to move on? Fragrances are unlike food—they don’t usually have an expiration date. Yet eventually, the aroma will change and slowly become unpleasant as the scent molecules deteriorate over time. Understanding why perfumes spoil and what signs you should be aware of is key to knowing when to abandon your beloved scent. To help guide you in properly disposing of your old fragrance, read on and learn more about this process!