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Why Fragrances Spoil And How To Understand That It’s Time To Throw Away Perfume

No one wants to part with their favorite perfume or cologne, but how do you know when it’s time to move on? Fragrances are unlike food—they don’t usually have an expiration date. Yet eventually, the aroma will change and slowly become unpleasant as the scent molecules deteriorate over time. Understanding why perfumes spoil and what signs you should be aware of is key to knowing when to abandon your beloved scent. To help guide you in properly disposing of your old fragrance, read on and learn more about this process!

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The official shelf life of perfume is two years. But if you store it correctly, it can last for many years without losing its smell. If you store it incorrectly, the perfume may go bad in a few months. Perfume can get ruined if it is stored in the wrong place. For example, the bathroom shelf, dressing table, or handbag. Sunlight, changes in temperature, and humidity can also ruin perfume. Be careful where you store your perfume to keep it safe.

signs your perfume has gone bad

Perfume is made up of different molecules. The perfumer mixes them carefully and adds stabilizers to make the smell last longer. But the smell will change over time because of temperature, humidity, light, and air. These changes usually make the perfume smell worse. Perfumes last longer if they are stored in glass bottles. The bottle’s lid must be tight, so air cannot enter it. A new, unopened perfume will last longer than one with some missing because the second one is more likely to react with oxygen.

How to tell if your fragrance is expired

When it comes to fragrances, the scent is a great indicator of whether or not it’s spoiled. If you can smell a dramatic difference from when you first purchased the item, it might be time to let go and buy something new. Other signs your perfume has gone bad include a murky or discolored liquid in the bottle and a strong alcoholic scent. If you experience any of these signs, throwing away your product and purchasing something new is best.

Remember that fragrances naturally change over time—this is normal! However, if you detect an unpleasant smell or notice your perfume has changed drastically, it’s time to say goodbye and buy a new one. Keeping a few of your favorite perfumes in the rotation will ensure you don’t need to part with them too often! With the tips mentioned above, now you know how to tell when your fragrance has expired and can properly dispose of it without any worries. So enjoy the new scent of your favorite cologne!