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Improving Flexibility: 6 Factors that Affect Joint Mobility

Good joints can help your body move better and give it more energy. It also helps your immune system work better, making you less likely to get sick. It is also easier to exercise, and you are less likely to hurt yourself. Things that affect how flexible and strong we are including our age, how active we are, and our overall health.

Factor 1. Women’s joints are more mobile than men’s

The ligaments and muscles in the body let us stretch. Estrogen helps with this too. If we have less estrogen, it is harder to stretch.

Factor 2. Joint mobility is affected by age

Developing strength and moving your joints is easier if you start young, like 6-7 years old. Your bones are getting stronger, and it is easier for you to move them. The flexibility of your big joints will keep improving until you are 13-14 years old, then it will stay the same until you are 16-17. But when you get older, like 70-80 or more, your ligaments may also not work.

Factor 3. Joint mobility depends not only on genetics but also on the regularity of training

Being good at sports and being flexible can be passed down from your parents. But anyone can get flexible muscles and joints if they want to. You have to put in the effort and time. If you exercise regularly, by age 70, you will still have flexibility in your joints. But it won’t last forever if you don’t try, even if you are naturally flexible.

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Factor 4. You need to warm up the body, not the room

People think it is easier to stretch when it is warm outside. It might be faster, but you don’t have to exercise in the heat or a hot room. On the other hand, too much heat can be bad for your breathing and make you feel uncomfortable. As a result, training is unlikely to benefit. In addition, free breathing is one of the key factors in the psychological overcoming of uncomfortable sensations in the articular-ligamentous and muscular apparatus. For the best result, warming up the body with exercises before class is more effective and beneficial.

Factor 5. Joint mobility is usually better in the evening than in the morning

Evening time is the best time to make your body flexible. In the morning, your muscles are stiff, so it takes more time to warm up. But by the evening, you have moved around all day, and it is easier to warm up.

Factor 6. For the development of joint mobility, it is better to work out individually with a trainer

Everyone is different. Something that works for one person might not work for another. Finding a trainer who can give you a program that is right for you is important. A good coach will also help with movements, so you do not get hurt while exercising.